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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

FileSystemInfo Properties

The FileSystemInfo Class is the base class for the FileInfo and DirectoryInfo classes. The best way to understand a particular class in the .NET Framework (and any language for that matter) is to write some code to use it.

Here is a snippet that uses many of the properties available in the FileSystemInfo class.

FileSystemInfo exampleFile = new FileInfo(@"C:\WINDOWS\System32\");


//Please keep these two lines if you would like to use this code on your site
Console.WriteLine("FileInfo Example");
Console.WriteLine("Created by Charles Cozad,");


if (exampleFile.Exists)
Console.WriteLine("File Name: {0}", exampleFile.Name);
Console.WriteLine("File Extension: {0}", exampleFile.Extension);
Console.WriteLine("Full File Name: {0}", exampleFile.FullName);
Console.WriteLine("Creation Time: {0}", exampleFile.CreationTime);
Console.WriteLine("Last Access Time: {0}", exampleFile.LastAccessTime);
Console.WriteLine("Last Write Time: {0}", exampleFile.LastWriteTime);
Console.WriteLine("File Attributes: {0}", exampleFile.Attributes);
Console.WriteLine("File does not exist");

Additional Resources
FileSystemInfo Class (Microsoft)

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